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May 26, 2006



Virginia Beach? No-folk? Eastern shore..Chincoteague? You've probably hit them all at some time, I imagine. I used to live in VB, so I know that there's PLENTY to do there at any given time. I'm visiting here from Michele's today, good luck with your vacation and your "Sounds Like A Promotion" offers!


Boston. Eight hours.

Michele sent me. Are you a teacher as well? Nice to meet you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Well...being that I do not know you but THANKS to Michele I'm here to Meet & Greet you--HELLO!

This may sound really stupid, but...How About Washington, D.C.? You didn't mention it in your Cities so....well, I know it is touristy..Drat!
How about Floyd.... A lot of wonderful bloggers are there...Particularly Colleen...She is a Michele regular--you might just look for her in this Loooonnng list of people...(I should know her url by heart but...Well...Floyd is a place filled with many many Artists --Writers, Poets, Painters, Sculptur's---It's the Mountains of Appalchia...LOOK FOR COLLEEN IN THE MICHELE LIST AND CLICK ON HER NAME...I know you think I am nuts! LOL...Well, I certainly may be...but I was and am just trying to help you find a lovely place to escape to that is close and inexpensive, and beautiful, too.


Robin: Believe it or not I haven't been to any of those places. Go figure!

Chatty: Been to Boston. I love it. I may actually visit sometime when it's warm but it doesn't fit the bill this time.

OOLOTH: DC is a 45-minute drive from here. Certainly I've been there a few times. Ask me about the Forbidden Balcony on the Phoenix Park Hotel sometime. Anyway, I wouldn't stay in DC; I'd just come home and what's the point of that?
I looked up Floyd, VA via Google and saw some cool stuff. I also managed to find Colleen's blog.

This might be what I'm looking for! But feel free to keep suggesting; if this works out well I'll be doing it more often.


Hi Claude, The best time to come to Floyd is for the Friday Night Jamboree. It's been written up in the Washington Post several times and is a real event each week. People play music up and down the street and flat foot on boards. It's reall old tyme. But if you walk up and down "the one stoplight strip" you can find other types of music too. If you look on my sidebar category "where I live" is the place to read more on Floyd. Have you ever driven The Blue Ridge Parkway?

Thanks for dropping by. Let us know how it all works out.


Cleveland is a bit of a drive, but go see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You can stop in Pittsburg on the way if you want to.

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