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May 16, 2006



My comment got eaten yesterday, so I'll try again.

The show jumped the shark when Sorkin quit writing episodes and/or gave up mushrooms. I liked that you had to be Dennis Miller level to get all the asides and in-jokes. The new writers took the exposition down to middle school civics level. Dare to be smart and hope the audience keeps up.

Claude replies from behind the firewall: Sorkin didn't stop writing episodes; he left the show altogether at the end of the fourth season because of disputes with NBC (and the drug bust didn't help his case any). Up until then, even the episodes he didn't write he remained intimately involved with. But you're right; as I mentioned above, the fifth season was a mess and everyone turned into the Exposition Fairy.


I loved the show and wished that Jed Bartlett or Martin Sheen was our real president. I think TV shows lose audiences when they stay off haitus too long and then do re-reruns in the middle of the season. It's so cheap and irritates me. I agree about the change and the change in time didn't help.

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