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February 19, 2007



That is a pretty high-rolling cub scout fund raiser. I love silent auctions, but a 50-50 sounds a little dicey for a scout activity.

That guy was pretty shady. If he was bidding on everything, I'd get suspicious that he was a shill driving up the prices.


Plain and simple, the guy is an asshole! Good story though and cool photo. I am a Gleason fan myself.

Let me ask you, do you have any relatives in Va.? There is a guy that works in my building with your same last name. He is a shop supervisor. I don't see him very often to ask him though, I was just curious.


Yello: I thought he was a shill, too, but one of the CS leaders told me that he's just a self-important prick. Also, it wasn't a Scout activity per se; it was an event run by "Friends of Pack whatever-it-was". There were no kids there at all.

???: I do have relatives in Virginia. In addition, family history has it that part of the family settled in Virginia many, MANY years ago (as in, hot on the Pilgrims' heels). In fact, my grandfather (dad's side, not mom's) was originally from Virginia, so it's not supposed to be an uncommon name there. It's also a VERY common name in Utah, as my family was among the first Mormons to go west and found Salt Lake City.


Talked to him for a just minute today, he is actually from Long Island...something Park (I cannot remember).

Anyways, good luck with the house.

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