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November 07, 2008



Hey man, I hear ya. I have a situation that makes me want to strangle people---For instance:

Don't ignore my emails and phone calls because you deem our org a charity case for your rich friends then tell me that I gather the information needed in less than two weeks before an IRS deadline.

Don't ask me to provide information that I do not have access to in less than 20 minutes from your request. It. is. Not. Going. To. Happen. Especially when I don't HAVE the needed info.

Do NOT tell me I have an agreement that you and your rich friends gave to another rich friend of yours that was entered into well before my time here. I do not have that agreement. Ask your rich friends who forked the money over. I was NEVER a part of your tax loop hole shennanigans.

Don't TELL ME to MAKE THE DECISIONS myself then yell at me for the decisions I make. I made sure we had money to cover payroll. YOUR inability to budget for projects isn't my fault. I do what I'm paid to do--I pay the Bills.

I could go on and on--the laundry list of grievances is LOOONG. Sadly--Jobs are so bleak out there I'm stuck here. BAH. I hate working for rich people and being poor. It sucks.

Good luck on your surgery, though. As a person who has been at the side of many relatives who have gone through both major and minor procedures, the anxeity is normal. All should be fine.


My calendar says 133 work days until June 9th.
The ITA Motto: "You are all things to all people and, yes, it is your fault."
Remember - Dr. Hotstuff crawled up my nose and it is a lot smaller than yours and I was fine. A little uncomfortable a day or two after. But got to watch TV, nap, take pain killers and NOT go to work. Turn off the cell phone and enjoy. I know you will be ok.

Claude replies: A LOT smaller? That hurt a little bit.


Screw 'em if they expect you to use your personal phone for public business. I'm tired of my teacher wife having to spend her own money to do her job.

Claude replies: Ordinarily it doesn't bug me because I never use up the minutes I'm given. But a lot of people forget that it's a privilege more than a right, you know?


Jeez--& here I thought that I was the only one who had to track down my team members for meetings! Sux to be us! What was that crack about TA???

Claude replies: Wasn't meant for you.

Teena in Toronto

I hope it gets better for you.

Happy blogoversary!

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