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March 16, 2009



I just hate fundraising. It's always the same people doing it over and over again. Just write a check. The key is to find other people to spend the money.


Unfortunately, due to the economic times, fundraising is a must! Many parent's just cannot afford to shell out hundreds of dollars for their children to do activities that I feel are important in the growth of the children and keeping them occupied and out of trouble. With that being said, I have to comment of the article about the Parkville Patriots Bull Roast fundraising event. While the suggestion of the pancake breakfast was a good one, there are a couple comments I have about that. First, from what I was told, there was a problem with the location having enough parking, thereby make it really impossible to sell a large amount of tickets. Secondly, while the suggestion of the girls helping in the fundraising is a nice idea, my feeling is that they have done more than their share by practicing and working very hard to make it to U.S. Nationals in the first place. Additionally, this group has 43 cheerleaders in the 5-14 age range, and I feel that the parents/grandparents/guardians, etc. who volunteer to participate, would have to spend a fair amount of time supervising the girls, which would take away from the actual working of the fundraiser and could jeopardize the event running smoothly. Let's face it, they are children and children tend to goof off when with their friends. That's just how it is.

As for the parent meeting and the decision making process for the fundraising, well let's just say, if you don't show up for the mandatory meeting, that you were informed about, then you don't have a say in the outcome. I have been with this program for several years now and have seen the time, dedication and hardwork that the directors, coaches and cheerleaders put in and year after year, seen the same parents pitch in and get involved, while other's barely show their face at practices, competitions, fundraising events, etc. To run any youth program, it takes hardwork, dedication and a commitment from everyone involved, including the parents. These youth organizations are not babysitting services! You cannot just drop off your child and come back to pick them up in a couple of hours and think it's okay to complain about how things are run. That's the problem with this society now, people have to get involved with their children and not just sit back and be a spectator. Raising children is not a spectator sport.

As for the shrimp and bullroast - let me just say first, and foremost, that the people that put that event together took a lot of time out of their personal lives and busy schedules with their own children, to do a wonderful thing. They worked very hard making phone calls, driving all over the community to meet with people regarding tickets, donations, scheduling, etc. They should be commended for doing such an absolutely fantastic job in such a short time frame. Kudos to the small group of volunteers that took the ball and ran with it! Without them, nothing would have been done at all. You Are The Best!!! If more parents would get involved with their children's activities like these people did, then maybe the kids today wouldn't be getting into trouble like they do.

And the questions were - Will they make money? Yes indeed they did!!! Was it worth the time and effort put into organizing the event? It was well worth it!! Several thousands of dollars was raised to help send the cheerleaders to Nationals. Money that some parent's just could not afford to dish out of their own pockets. During the event itself, I spoke to many that attended and they all commented on how much fun they were having, what a wonderful job the organizers did and that they can't wait for the next one! (see you in September) As far as I'm concerned, I would certainly promote this fundraising event again.

Lastly, yes decisions are made by those that show-up! You can't vote, if you're not there! It's not rocket science. Was this a hijacking? Not by any means. When this was brought up in the MANDATORY parent's meeting that only the true dedicated parents attended, nothing was carved in stone at that time. I don't believe that the contract had even been signed yet. So, had there been strong objections to the event, it would not have taken place. This was not a "mandatory participation event", so if someone chose not to partake, then they simply would have to endure the costs for their child's expenses themself. It's that simple! I know that my little cheerleader has a special place in my heart and like many of the parents, I would do anything in the world to help her fulfill her dreams.

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