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May 10, 2009



All I can say is that I'm happy that my principal is keeping me even if I have to give up my tsp--boohoo!!! (I'm so broken up about that....heh!)
What worries me the most is the trail of violations that will most probably be left behind by not having someone in a school who can keep everything compliant--you gotta know how this consent decree thingy works after all....

It so sucks that you are going through this...good luck in all seriousness.


Good luck. What a story.

Mike McGee

Why not leave BCPSS and go into, say, Baltimore, Harford or Carroll counties? Wanting to work in the city, where there is definitely a shortage of qualified personnel is altruistic but altruism doesn't pay the bills. Only when enough of you (meaning qualified personnel) defect into greener pastures, will the Puzzle Palace wake up. Until then you're screaming in the wind; not only can't they hear you but they're not even trying to hear you.


First off, I am so sorry about your situation.My family members, self included, have been through similar things with the city. I am thinking about a book or 60 Minutes. I know this won't help but I do believe things will work out for someone as competent as you.

Several employee groups (and age groups) are going through similar problems. I wonder where my pricey union is??? People who have tenure(expensive) are being squeezed out. Ditto for art, music,tech teachers, librarians,and older teachers.Many full time jobs have been reduced with no decent way for the lone employee to locate another half of a position. CRAZY!!


I was on the interviewing side of this fiasco on Saturday. I was given a specific list of people to hire and made the effort to do so. However, I found that people didn't want to come to a school where they might have to work. I found a couple of people to whom I offered positions only to not have them return during the course of the day. I do feel for those who have been displaced and the whole experience of that particular job fair left a bad taste in my mouth. But I had a couple of teachers whom I know well that essentially said "If I can't get a position just like what I had, I am not interested." If you want to work, take what is available; if not, go to another system. And, yes, Jaded, I agree that the union has been awfully silent about this entire process. But, of course, their jobs are not endangered now, are they?


I was recently displaced on 10/28/2010. I was offered a job that I would have to be retrained, but no training was given. The students are problematic and two are dangerous. I want an out as soon as the voluntary transfer notice goes out. Heaven help the Baltimore City School System and all of its qualified teachers. Why are so many teachers still being brought in from out of state and out of country (especially from one particular country in Asia)?

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