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March 08, 2010



Just makes me want to rip up the paperwork for confetti in celebration...but I won't until mebbe July 1....we're all quietly celebrating!

Quit poisoning the well, already. My guess is that most of those forms WON'T go away, but will change in their specific content. There are plenty of jurisdictions that don't have a CD but which do advise parents of their rights. Plus, this isn't quite over yet... --C.

a parent

I was struck by the email announcement as well. InsideEd is pathetic to not at least just post the email and let the readers start a discussion. I guess they're too busy yacking about Catholic schools.

As a parent advocating for my special needs child I really wonder what this means to us. At the moment we're aging out of a school that has served us well and I'm thinking there is no placement available for him that is FAPE in City Schools' middle schools. So, on a personal level, I'm not finding much to cheer about these days. I do realize there's been a lot of progress and a lot of hard work and this is a reason for many to celebrate... just not us, I'm sad to say.


How about kudos to regular ed and resource teachers who also teach most of the kids with IEP's? They have done a great job. A resource teacher sees a huge number of kids with IEP's each week.We are never noticed unless there is a problem.

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