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April 01, 2010



Hope she doesn't read your stuff.

We have a Christmas ornament of the Shuttle Craft. Press the button and Spock's voice says, "Shuttle Craft to Enterprise, Shuttle Craft to Enterprise, Merry Christmas. Live long and prosper." It was given to me by a college friend and led to a lively education of a classic TV show, the first time the girls heard it. Oddly enough, it's one of their favorite ornaments and has to be played about a million times over the Holiday! The model in Washington didn't hold as much interest for them, go figure!


Ooh, I remember that trip. One of the buses broke down and we stayed in a conference room at... what was it, a Holiday Inn?

You remember those Star Trek quizzes you gave us? I could never get the questions about color because we had a b&w tv.

Wee One, you're right. Denny Crane *is* creepy.


I'm not sure; I wasn't on the disabled bus. And perhaps you remember (Danni & Janice) another story that comes from that trip and involves my father. I'm not gonna tell that one on BD, though.

I still have the Shuttlecraft ornament and several others, including a Borg Cube. I can't use them nowadays because they don't fit into the lights on my tree. More accurately, I can't put them on the tree and activate them, too.

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