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August 22, 2010



I think you meant 1968, not 1868, would have liked to see Ms Logue. Of course, if the men from 1868 had seen the picture, they would probably have wanted to as well.

Heh. Fixed it, thanks. --C


You failed to mention that the actor Kam Fong who played Chin Ho Kelly was a police officer with HPD before he became an actor. After the tragic death of his wife and children from the B-24 crash, he join the police force and was known for taking the most dangerous assignments or beat -- a kind of deathwish, maybe.

I knew he was a former cop but it was kind of "yeah, whatever" for me. Had I known he was all Martin Riggs about it, I'd have mentioned it. Thanks. --C

Kaisha Trzaska

Liz is still alive. She goes under her new husbands last name. Trust me there is no mystery about her being dead and don't know why they list her as dead. I'm related by marriage.


Kaisha: That's happy news, although peculiar because I saw it in several places. And, of course, if it's on the Internet, it MUST be true! (ahem.) Having said that...

Some further research suggests that all of the misinformation goes back to a mixup in IMDB, which in turn may have gotten its bad information from a glitch in a SAG database. At any rate, they seem to have confused her with another "Betty" Logue, who married actor Andrew Duggan and DID die in 1988.

Dare we hope that she makes an appearance of some kind in the credits for the new show? There are lots of callbacks in the music and in promo clips that I've seen, so it certainly wouldn't be out of place. Even a cameo in one of the episodes would be a huge bowl of cool.

I am more than happy to correct my post and I thank you for your input.


Dear Kaisha,

Thank you so much for clearing up this mystery concerning your relative, Liz Logue! I have spent countless hours researching the unsubstantiated speculation that she passed away in 1988. I had a strong conviction that it was false, because the IMDB listing of her date of birth, and her alleged passing, and other details concerning her life, Broadway career, etc, did not chronologically match up with what we knew about her in the early sixties and during the filming of the movie Hawaii and Hawaii Five-O. The myth of her passing in 1988 was propagated all over the internet to such an extent, that it eventually became common knowledge and generally accepted as fact. The rumor took on a life of its own and became very difficult to refute, because, as someone said earlier, if it was on IMDB, then it must be true! False! The data was so sketchy and imprecise, that I can see now how anyone not knowing more could arrive at the same conclusion. I began posting on Mike Quigley's site a long while back concerning my suspicions of the bad info, and fortunately, others have now picked up on my reticence to buy off on the unsubstantiated rumor. Thankfully, the doubts have continued to resurface again and again, as I hoped they would, until someone finally stepped forward to set the record straight. As Claude accurately pointed out above, there was an Elizabeth (Betty) Logue, former Broadway dancer in the early fifties, who married Andrew Duggan, a character actor, who coincidentally happened to have appeared in the pilot for Five O, along with several other episodes. He passed in 1988, and 3 weeks later, Elizabeth Betty Logue, born in 1931, also passed away from cancer, both of them living at the time in Southern California. If anyone is interested in locating the various databases with the conflicting information, I would be happy to share, since I'm sure the fans, and more importantly, Liz Logue or any other surviving family members would appreciate setting the record straight, so that this myth will not continue to perpetuate ad infinitum all over the internet. I most likely don't have the bonafides to correct misleading information about someone's bio, but she certainly could, along with any other immediate family. I'm happy to help, if someone would like a compilation of the various sources that contain the misleading information. Contact the author of the originator of this blog for my email address, or I can post here, if that is more convenient.



This is good information, and largely explains why the birth/death dates of model Elizabeth Logue from Hawaii Five O, posted on various biographical sites such as IMDB, are wrong. Thank you Nancy for passing this along to us. Nancy is the daughter of Andrew Duggan, a very talented and well known character actor, who just so happens to have coincidentally appeared in the pilot for the original Five-O, and several other episodes that followed. The information she has provided concerning her father matches up very well to the incorrect biographical details that are often attributed to Elizabeth Logue of Hawaii Five O. Her response has cleared up much of the confusion and now clarifies EVERYTHING so well!

Nancy Duggan Benson says:
October 1, 2010 at 22:13

OK…….I am one of the 3 children of Andrew and Elizabeth Duggan (nee Logue) She is NOT the same woman as the Elizabeth Logue of Hawaii 5-0. My mother was born August 10th 1932 and dies June 7th 1988. She was a broadway dancer who met my dad in the production of Paint Your Wagon. They were married for many happy years and both died in 1988. As much as it would be interesting to think my mother was polynesian she was not….Hope this clears a few things up. All of her Broadway credits are correct however. I do not know if the other Elizabeth Logue is alive or not. If my mother were still alive she would be 78 years old.
Nancy Duggan Benson



Elizabeth was in an obscure Italian film, also released in France, called Odyssée Nue, circa 1961, shot on location in Tahiti. It won a Silver Ribbon for Best Cinematography by the famed Allessandro D’Eva. Place this in your URL: http://tinyurl.com/23xgz7h — Et Voilà! What a gorgeous pic of Miss Liz on the cover of the soundtrack, age 21 or so. It doesn’t get any better than this! Maybe not so much in the U.S., but movie obscurity, especially retro in nature, is huge in Europe. I lived in France for a bit. Contact me offline for translation, if you wish. I’ll be trying to correspond with the distribution folks over there to see if I can get them to roll out a DVD someday.




Ok Great Detective work BUT who is the guy in the background of the Hula Shot?

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