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September 20, 2010


Nick Koliarakis

Will comment on these individually another time, Claude. I am wondering why "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro did not make the AOL list. It should be #1 worst IMO. Also, "Undercover Angel" by Alan O'Day was one reason why 1977 was such an awful year for me personally! It should be on the list too.


What you don't like line dancing?

Nick Koliarakis

Last round of comments. Hope I'm not overwhelming you with them!

“Axel F”, Crazy Frog - I didn't know this had been remade. I don't know what Faltenmeyer found wrong with his original version.

“Livin’ La Vida Loca” - I like this song mainly because it was used as background music in the HBO documentary about the US Women's World Cup soccer team; specifically, when it documented their run in the 1999 World Cup. Not a "Worst List" song, IMO.

“Afternoon Delight”, Starland Vocal Band - This is indeed a "wool over the eyes" song where the music disguises the somewhat controversial lyrics. I used to imagine anthropomorphic storybook bunnies singing the high-pitched harmonies and also imagined Bugs Bunny in his Cosmos soccer uniform (they had him as a mascot during their existence) strutting around at the start of the song. Ah, the images that one conjures up in his head - only to have that aspect of listening to music taken way by the advent of music videos!

“I’ll Be There For You (Theme from Friends)”, The Rembrandts - This is on my MP3. Again, not a "Worst List" song.

“We Built This City”, Starship – I’m wondering if Grace Slick and the rest of the band’s fortunes had dried up where “White Rabbit” and “Someone To Love” were concerned. I could never understand the lyrics to the chorus, though. What do they say? “Marconi plays the mamba”?

“Achy Breaky Heart”, Billy Ray Cyrus – Another song of which I am more familiar with the “Weird Al” parody. How he was given permission by BRC to record it is beyond me because it was all about a guy who couldn’t stand the original song!

“Convoy”, C. W. McCall – They even made a movie out of this w/Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw! Give the song credit for that. It was quite a good novelty song for its time. When it first came out, I thought the name for it was “Con Boy” about a young con artist or something. Conceptually, the whole concept of a “convoy” was a new phenomenon to most people – as were CB radios. Check out Benny Hill’s use of the song during one of his skits.

“My Heart Will Go On”, Celine Dion – I like the song. The movie, for all of its good performances and action, had a silly plotline.

“Macarena”, Los Del Rio – I take it that you don’t like the Bayside Boys mix in particular. The stand-alone song from Spain I think might be more palatable for some people.

“I Am Woman”, Helen Reddy – This is one of the relatively few songs of its time that had some social significance – and at a time when women’s liberation was gaining strength. This was not just a song – it was an anthem.

“U Can’t Touch This”, MC Hammer – I myself would be interested to know how “Super Freak” affected the co-eds in Chapman Hall. Since I didn’t dorm at Adelphi, I would not know.

“Barbie Girl”, Aqua – I only know this song from record offers on TV. But I can see from the VERY high-pitched vocal why people would object.

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