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September 25, 2010



Hey, I'm not a total Bread hater!! And I confess willingly that when I hear America (especially "Ventura Highway"), it still makes me happy in an oddly nostalgic way. As I type this I'm watching Wilco's dvd "Ashes of American Flags" -- so far all the songs are kicking ass.

Nick Koliarakis

Okay - my comments...

“I’ve Never Been To Me”, Charlene - Tolerable for me. But I can see why people may dislike this. How was Scott Shannon responsible for releasing this?

“Lovin’ You”, Minnie Riperton - Without a doubt, the MOST flowery, saccharine song I have EVER heard in my life. And that's saying a lot. I thought until relatively recently in my life that the high "F" note was someone whistling. It amazes me that Riperton's range was that high. Still, this song would go on my own "Worst" list.

“Run Joey Run”, David Geddes - This was a personal favorite of mine, overly dramatic or not. "Teen Death Splatter Platter"?? Never heard that one before! It was probably THE last one of those. An interesting aside: Geddes now works as a cinematographer or performs some other behind-the-scenes function for TV or movies. Voice of the girl who said "Daddy please don't..." was his sister, so I understand. But the vocals were not comparable to Riperton's "F" note. I take it you are talking about the "angel voices"?

“Annie’s Song”, John Denver - Would NOT make my list. To each their own, I guess. Some people do like the brand of sentimentality contained within this song. Others don't.

“Every Time I Think of You”, The Babys - Again, would not make my list. When I first heard of the group (without seeing the spelling), I thought to myself, "there's a group with babies in it?". Of course, I knew it couldn't be true - but it was funny for me to contemplate! I saw them perform this on "The Midnight Special" back in the day - and it came off pretty darn good, so I thought. For me, the song is one of the more salient reminders of my high school days and I felt good hearing this tune.

“Gloria”, Laura Branigan - This, like Madonna's "American Pie", is also a cover. It was originally a hit in Italy for a guy named Umberto Tozzi. Would not be on my list. I'd give an edge to the Italian version, however, since it is more toned down. Too bad that Ms. Branigan is no longer with us. May she RIP.

“Right Back Where We Started From” by Maxine Nightingale - I used to think of a harness race going on whenever I heard this. I used to watch "Racing From Roosevelt/Yonkers" when this was popular (I had yet to "convert" to SNL). And the beat of this song reminded me of the trotters/pacers that used to compete at those tracks. Again, not on my list.

Billy Don’t Be a Hero”, Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods” - I am going to take issue on this one. My theory is that the "She said" part was included so as to not give the listener the impression that Bo and company were saying the words "Billy. Don't Be a Hero, etc.". They wanted to make it clear that they were quoting the fiancee. Paper Lace("The Night Chicago Died") had a version of this song that I have never heard. I'm going to look for it.

“Teen Angel”, Mark Dinning - THANK YOU for mentioning this song!!!. This song is SO DEPRESSING!!! There was even an answer disc for this song and others like it (i.e. "Last Kiss", "Tell Laura I Love Her", et al) called "Let's Think About Living". I never heard it, but I'd like to thank the person(s) who wrote and performed it (it was done by a solo singer, IIRC). This would be on my list.

“Heartbeat—It’s A Lovebeat”, The DiFranco Family - Agreed. I think that people's dislike of it is because they've outgrown it. It was quite well-produced. This was one of the indicators that record production/studio techniques were moving onward and upward. Songs in general of around that time were a far cry from stuff that had preceded it just maybe 2 or 3 years earlier! I know I'm making it sound like it was a landmark musical achievement (it wasn't). So please don't think that! Still, I can't even remember any Osmond records that had such arrangements!

Also, for the benefit of those who did not see my Facebook comments for whatever reason, "Undercover Angel" by Alan O'Day and "Torn Between Two Lovers" by Mary MacGregor make the list. And another I didn't mention (which I hated at the time but don't mind now) is "Good Times" by Chic.


I put together a worst songs list a few years back but I restricted it to the 70s and they had to be number 1 hits. And the songs on my list were a lot worse. As our yours.

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