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May 31, 2011



I call Hero. And even if it WAS a scam, by acting in good faith you have officially repaid the karmic debt incurred at the Port Authority a decade ago. My favorite one of these ever happened in the East Village, hubby had a gig and was carrying his bass, we had just gotten out of the car (good spot on 10th St!), and a stereotypical homeless-addict dude came up and said "Are you from out of Town?" and we said "No, we're from here, and one of used to live right in this building." Without missing a beat he said "Oh. OK. Well, I'M from outta town, can you help me out---?" Hubby, ever appreciative of fast on one's feet thinking interrupted him and said "That's great. Good try. Here's 5 bucks." Dude said "Yeah I'm not from outta town either, thanks man." And off he went to score...

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